Merchant CenterGuidelines on how to set up your merchant account and start processing payments using Worldnet Payments

With Worldnet Payments Selfcare you can:

Perform Sales with the Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal allows you to perform sales within the Selfcare platform. You can do sales, pre-auths, refunds and much more to streamline your operations. You can also perform transactions in multicurrencies, enabling you to reach a global audience.

Generate reports to facilitate your day-to-day operations

You can view your transactions in our reporting platform. You can setup alerts and receive the reports via email every day.

Create Secure Tokens and Subscriptions

Create Secure Tokens using the Selfcare platform and start generating recurring revenue with subscriptions. The Selfcare platform allows you to create a setup fee, a once off fee and more.

Create payment links to send to your customers

Want to send emails to your clients with a payment link directly? The Pay Link is the ideal solution for you.

Setup Worldnet Payments on your ecommerce platform

Have an online store using the major ecommerce platforms? Install the Worldnet Plugins to start selling your service and goods.

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Advanced solutions? Multiple stores?

Do you have multiple stores and terminals? Do you require multiple users? Contact us for further information.

Sandbox Access

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